Adverb meaning in hindi – क्रिया विश्लेषण

वे सभी शब्द जो किसी quality या स्वाभाव को ओर ज्यादा बढ़ा दे या घटा दे adverb कहलाते है।

  1. He is a nice boy.
  2. He is a very nice boy.
  3. You are quite wrong.


Adverb वे शब्द है जो किसी verb की, adjective की ,prepostion की या खुद की बिशेषता बताये। हम कभी action के लिए adjective का use नहीं कर सकते केवल adverb का use कर सकते है।

  1. He is a very rich person.
  2. Cheetah runs very fast.
  3. He always counts on quite the wrong people.
  4. Generally speaking, he is a nice doctor.

Types of adverb in hindi



  • Adverb of manner: carefully, sadly, madly, smartly, perfectly.
  • Adverb of place: here, there, up, down, out, in, etc.
  • Adverb of frequency: once, twice, thrice, often, seldom, hardly, etc.
  • Adverb of degree: very, quite, much, too, rather, some, what, so, any, as, altogether, little, so.
  • Adverb of time: yesterday, now, tomorrow, today, etc.


  • Adverb of manner: how
  • Adverb of place: Where
  • Adverb of time: When
  • Adverb of reason: Why


  • Adverb of manner: how
  • Adverb of place: Where
  • Adverb of time: When
  • Adverb of reason: Why

ये हमेशा simple sentence में use होगा तथा realative conjunction का काम करेगा।

  1. I don’t know where he lives.
  2. He adked me why I want there.

Adverb के नियम

MPT का नियम

अगर एक ही sentence में तीन adverb हो adverb of manner, adverb of place, adverb of time तो उनका sequence हमेशा MPT (manner, place, time) हिसाब से होगा।

अगर manner नहीं है तो यानि PT (place, time) तब भी इनका secqunnce यही होगा।

Example of MPT rules

My friend last weak came here. (wrong)
My friend came here last weak. (Right)

last weak यहाँ ( Time ) है
Came यहाँ ( Maaner ) है
here यहाँ ( place )

PMT का नियम

अगर sentence में कुछ verb हो go, come, arrive, enter etc तब उनके बाद PMT का रूल ही लगता है।

Example of MPT rule:

#1. she came here silently yesterday.
#2. he went there slowly a moment ago.

यहाँ here ( place), silently (M), yesterday (T) है।

PFT का नियम

अगर एक सेंटेनसे में adverb of frequency, adverb of time , adverb of place तीनो दिए हो तो उनका sequence PFT होता है।

  1. I want to goa last year savlar time.
  2. He often goes there every year.

Adverb of manner

धयान रहे की अगर किसी sentence में केवल adverb of manner है तो वह main verb के बाद आता है।

  • she loudly came here. (wrong)
  • she came here loudly. (right)
  • he secretly enters the room. (wrong)
  • he enters the room secretly. (right)
  • They silently broke into. (wrong)
  • They broke into silently. (right)

ध्यान रहे की अगर verb के बाद कोई object है तब adverb of manner, object के बाद ही आये पहले नहीं पर अगर object पूरा phrase के रूप में है तो वह उस object के पहले आएगा।

  1. They watched the scene clearly.
  2. he came here silently last night.

Adverb of frequency

इसका use अगर sentence में है तो हमेशा यह main verb के पहले use होता है

  • अगर helping verb भी है तो इसके बाद use होगा (helping verb + AOF)
  • अगर pair में helping verb दी हो तो उनके बिच में use होगा। (will +AOF+ be)
  • Has to, Have to, Used to, पहले use होता है (AOF + Has to + Helping verb)
  1. I never tell a lie.
  2. He is always making that mistake.
  3. I never have to wash my clothes in my room.

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